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*We Share A Sky*

I’ve never owned anything I can’t love


I’ve never loved anything I can’t own

But then Life brought you,

Dazed and indifferent

Waltzing in partially


Half way through the door.

Not in place

But perfectly at home

In the middle of nothing

And everything.

Impossibly and undeniably


Your very own human

On the side of the fast lane

And the zooming race that

Is life

Perfectly fine with being

On the outskirts.

I bowed to that


Completely aware

That the nonchalant babyblue-eyed man

Would never say Yes or No or even Maybe

Never nod or shake his head, applaud or mock.

Leave an opinion or a message

Or love me without being told to.

Indifference, indecision, incompleteness, incomprehension of all human emotion.

Even your tears range from sour to sweet and sometimes never even fall

How could love ever arise from such a beautiful fault?

A flaw that outlined the very you I have found myself encompassed by.

And so I gather my failing knees from your inconsistent doorstep and drag myself body and soul to somewhere

Anywhere under the sun.

…But still…

We share a sky.

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