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A Hint of My Style, “Vintage Vibe”


I designed this dress, I ❤ it.

Vintage Earrings, passed on to me from my Mother.<3


A vintage turquoise ring I recently bought.<3

A vintage Belt..:)

Vintage clucthes , i bought from a flea market. Can you say "Fancy"?.:)

Of Course a necklace with my motto. ❤ it!

Hello there, Today I just felt like sharing a few pics of some of the things I heart. So now you have an idea of what I’m into. I have dubbed this style “Vintage Vibe”, which is my integrating the new and the old in an unbelievably chic way. :).  Happy Tuesday.



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A Photo Here, A Photo There, A Photo EVeRywHere!!









These are some photos I took this week. Enjoy!

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I am the rainbow

in a sky of my own making

completely unware of  sadness

and unafraid of tears

I am the rainbow

catching a reflection of myself

in the lakes and in the eyes of daydreamers

and lovers

who dare to gaze up at me.

I am the rainbow

my colors visible and true

I shine some days

bright and open to all

but other days I tiptoe into the sky

disguised in the dreamy blue

masked by thick white clouds.

Not many notice me there

playing peekaboo with the select few that care

to search for me in the ocean of fluffy white clouds

the few who dash away from their fast-paced

lives and simply look up

for no reason in particular

just to look because they’d heard

it once before

they’d heard that a sky existed

and maybe even rainbows

and silver-lined clouds

and heaven allow stars and a moon

but had never had the time to raise their eyes

and find out for themselves.

I am a rainbow.

by Upile Chisala

written today.

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…Words in parts and pieces

Suddenly everything that ties you to the middle lets you go
And gravity loses its hold.
You are at peace, running dirty hands through dirty hair
Singing songs without lyrics or rhyme or composer
It was all straight from the depths of nowhere
But I lived for it.
And sang my lungs apart, gripping onto the one thing
that lead me
astray and to all things familiar,
my heart.
In the quest for my destiny I took a closer look
at my shoes, wherever they set down to chat with the ground
and tickle the spring-stained grass.
How they looked on my feet
as they guide me about and twirl me around on my axis
spinning like a world.
I spent time talking
and listening
and whispering
as I journeyed by
free as air.
I escaped the silence and the closed doors
the long lines and the bright lights
I escaped it all
running and walking
and skipping
and singing that  lyricless song.
Thank you love and emotion
and breath for laying me down to sleep
under stars
and catching me on the brink of losing
it all before it was mine.
and I so I walk a little lighter
not following any lines or watching where
my shoes land.
Here I am world
having found what I was missing
and learnt to miss it less.
Here I am
the tiny grains of sand in my hair
the earthy after smell of imperfection
the lady with a whimsical smile
starring out at raindrops and wind.
Here I am
chasing the sunrays with my eyes
galloping, riding, flying.
I should know me by now.
And you won’t ever see me out crying on my own
with a broken heart and the tang of yesterday’s horror splashed across my face.
I swear you won’t catch me playing with the kind of fire that burns
or the kinda cold that chills you right down to your soul.
I learnt myself over
page by page.
Here I am.
by Upile Chisala
written today.
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Artistic Much?? ..


My friend, Lili, and I took some pictures today. Randomly random pictures, our first year at NMSU!!! College life when everyone is off campus enjoying their holiday and you are left alone. Enjoy!!

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