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Flowers. <3. Hope.


“Where flowers bloom so does hope.”
Lady Bird Johnson, Public Roads: Where Flowers Bloom

So today I took a couple of pictures of  these flowers that totally took my breath away. It made me so happy just to sit out there taking shots of them.:) and I put in two photos of my friend Lili enjoying the flowers, even smelling them. enjoy!!:)

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Photo Art. <3

So today I decided I wanted to do a couple of things with photos. Here you’ll find an example of what free online photoediting can do. Gosh I love the Internet!!:)








And photo effects that I personally love to use are:





Vintage eg: the flower and the last picture.:)


There are some pretty cool features out there that can make a boring picture into something spectacular and I love to

use those resources.


 Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures! :))






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A letter about Hope, War and Love-

Esperanza, Guerra y el Amor


Tan lejos para que

Mi palma extrañe la tuya

Te mando besos por la noche

Mi Amor, en tu traje de guerra

Con miedo y temblando

Aprendí a rezar por ti

Hacia los cielos

Y hacia Dios y todos sus ángeles

Aprendí a rezar

En mi silencio

En mis gritos

En mi pensamiento

Y en mis sueños

Me muero al saber

En donde te encuentras

Me muero al saber

La distancia entre

Nuestros cuerpos

Me muero al saber

Que yo miro hacia el sol

Mientras tú miras hacia las estrellas

Me muero al saber

Que estamos en dos mundos diferentes

Lloro sin razón

¿Porque sigo llorando?

Quisiera llorar arcoíris y rosas

Y tener pétales y colores corriendo por mi cara

Como quisiera llorar con felicidad

Espero tiernamente para solo estar

Un suspiro lejos de ti

Espero tiernamente para darte

Besos de oro

Espero tiernamente a tener tu mirada

Junto a la mía

La mirada de tus ojos azulitos como el cielo

Te vas defendiendo tu nación

Con toda tu patria y orgullo

Te vas hacia unas tierras desconocidas

Tu corazón palpita atrás de las explosiones

Balas e incídenos

Dolores y sangre

Te mando el sol

Para que descanses tu cabeza sobre él, cariño

Cargarlo junto tú corazón

Cargarlo en las bolsillas de tu traje de guerra

Y deja que te guie hacia si mi

Te mando todo mi amor

Para que te mantenga seguro

Dentro los fondos en los que te encuentras

Con mi amor te limpio tu cara de la tierra de la guerra

Y te curo las heridas

Mi Amor

Te mando todo mi corazón

Envuelto en esta carta

Mi espíritu y todo mi ser

Para florecer tu mente

Y ensenarte a nunca olvidar la belleza

Regresa a mí,


Regresa a mí, Amor.

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I tunnel my way through something foreign
it smells like rain and broken hearts
discarded in the dust
I breathe it in
and cry it out
what could arise from such a pain
such a pang
such a wound in my soul?
being alone so long
I shed off all the sunshine that had glazed
my skin
dancing around me like yellow butterflies
and slip into something less

Having hit the bottom of life’s cup
I was vulnerable to myself
and the walls
and the skies
and everything that watched me disappear.
who could I blame
but the one soul that knew me like
a Sunday song?
love didn’t come in my size
it fit too loose
too tight
or couldn’t even make its way to my heart
but I insisted on loving you
and letting you love me less
than I needed.

So I sit here
absorbing up nothingness
because it is all I have left
all I have to claim.
all I have to keep me from
staring at the kisses I blew
out into the world
that never made it.
I only pray to be a thought of yours
that graces your mind every once
in a smile.
but never is a truth,
so I sit here clinging to my drink
of misery.
the stakes of love
I shall learn once this bottle is done
not to leave my heart out for the grabbing.

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~ Happy Feet~


“But I love your feet
only because they walked
upon the earth and upon
the wind and upon the waters,
until they found me.”
— Pablo Neruda

Hurray to Friendship, love, relationships, just to the power of two souls meeting ! 
To laughter,
to holding hands,
to knowing someone even a quarter as much as you know yourself,
to warm hugs and salty tears.
To long conversations.
To shared dreams and reaching them.
To belief in ourselves, each other and something bigger.
To making wishes on shooting stars and keeping each other strong
when they don’t come true.
To arms that catch you when you fall and the hilarious inside jokes.
To telling secrets and making promises.
To knowing you are not alone.
The simple sensation of being smiled at. 
What would we be without each other?
People make people people.
Our ability to think, to hate, to dream, to love
sets us apart.
Embrace it.

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Red Thread and Destiny. (Reblog)




An Ancient Chinese proverb says An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, despite the time, the place, and despite the circumstances. The thread can be tightened or tangle, but will never be broken.

I couldn’t help but post this, its so sweet.:).this is a reblog from my friend’s blog: Kaleidoscope. which is check it out. Enjoy!


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..-Nopalito’s Galeria-..

A local Las Cruces Artist standing beside her work


one of the pieces I fell in love with. by Norma


work by Rosario Jeremias


Nopalito's Galleria- A beautiful little place


Woodwork that stands out.

A beautiful portrait


look at

Today I spent my afternoon around so many wonderful artrists. It was my second Las Cruces exhibition and I must say
it was absolutely amazing. I thought I would share with you a couple of photos of this fantastic little art gallery called
Nopalito’s Galeria in little old Las Cruces New Mexico.

Enjoy! 🙂





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