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Loving my new haircut :). Picture by my sister

My pockets are compiled
of odd things
I have ventured into the world
I bring you back shopping receipts
and old bubblegum.
what more can a wanderer offer?
what more can you beg from a dreamer?
I belong to the leap
the pure dive for something only
movement can give,
the jolt.
the zest.
the running flames.
I hope to never taste like bitter butter
on stale bread
or smile with less sunshine on my lips
or stay longer than a city’s air permits.
Chances are :
you won’t forget me
Chances are:
you’ll never want to
I bring you all of me.

(Hello from Chicago folks!!)

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Meet Milo Greene!!!

Folks I feel in love. I saw them perform once, I bought a CD , a shirt and I haven’t been able to get them off of my band. This California-born band has stolen my heart, the correct colloquial terminology for what I am, I believe, is ‘sprung’. I am Sprung!  I’d never heard of them before that day but gosh oh golly how I was ashamed of my ignorance as soon as that first guitar was strummed and that first note was belted out. I was and still am in awe. There is only so much I can do but I hope this post introduces even if it is a handful of people to this band, that would put a smile on my face. They are amazing. Please have a listen.

Their Youtube Videos: – Autumn Tree by Milo Greene  – 1957 by Milo Greene – Silent Way by Milo Greene – Don’t Give Up On Me by Milo Greene

Their Links:

Their official site:


Twitter: @MiloGreene

There you have ladies and gents, go out and be inspired.
Lots of wet kisses,
The Poet.



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California As Seen by Upile

Hey Guys,
I’m sorry for being so silent. I am in California visiting a friend hence there hasn’t been much time for internet and the like. But the good news is I missed you and I will upload a little teaser of the pictures that are to come. 🙂

The University of California at Riverside campus is very green and it has plants from all over the world. I saw so many trees and flowers there that I had in my yard in Malawi growing up. It made me miss home so badly. I picked up their leaves and smelled them and I was immediately back home playing in my yard. It was an amazing feeling.


More pictures to follow. Hold on tight. :).
Happy Saturday lovelies!!

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..The ducks

There is no symbolism here,
This is not poetry
It won’t make you feel
It is a picture

It won’t conversate with you or
call you out on your mistakes
it can only stare

There is nothing between these lines
There is no artistry here
This is a picture
It won’t rob you of anything.

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The Woven promise

I was told you’d care for my edges
and put comfort at my feet
bathe me with adoration
and together we’d make a people
that you’d make a queen out of my
body and dispense kisses so that
every spot that makes me jitter
and laugh and flicker is a kingdom of
its own
I was told that men know women like
their names, they enunciate each letter
giving each its due
swinging an identity out of the alphabet
it was promised

what I was told
was that we’d never argue
because my opinions would count
like the cufflinks on your shelves
my thoughts would matter
like your three-pieced suit
they would be dragged out into the
and washed clean
they’d be heard
they’d be welcomed
they’d be begged for
and treated kindly

I was told you’d make me feel like
a woman
like my curves were royal
assuredly my physique was a sanctuary
that you’d lay with
not on
that you’d care for
not  own
my femininity was promised
my equality was unquestioned

The woven promise
that I could strunt out as I please
and have my dignity in my palm
call myself respected
and know that I am loved
it was promised
but never given..

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