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The Tales of a Woman and Her Body

“It is radically ignorant to place the rights and the entitlement to my body in the hands of someone else. My mother did not give birth to a sofa,she birthed a person who can and will exist in a world in which she isn’t treated like property; in which she is valued, in which she matters. I pray that every girl is allowed to be a person, and that no one person is ever considered inferior.” Upile Chisala

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Something Brief: Haiku Numero Uno

Cuffs. Law has arms.
Guns have tempers.
Revenge only has grief.

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Diente De Lion

History spun bones and asphalt
star residue and holywater
old drench coats and tennis shoes
neon signs and elbow grease
music and soft poetry
to make me.
I like to imagine it took gristle
bone and sweat
and  heavy breathing
to sink the sunshine into my
align the clovers in my mouth
so whatever oozed out of me
whatever seeped out
reflected time’s madness.

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