..-The Dull Dame’s Guide to being interesting -..

I could move houses,
change my hair,
stop biting my nails,
I could paint the walls,
let the dog loose,
meet my neighbors,
ask strangers for their names,
have french stew on the stove,
smoke only filtered,
drink only decaf,
travel to India,
dress like a peacock,
dance the samba,
speak German,
do yoga,
breathe with rhythm,
buy books, then read them back to front
go barefoot and bra-less ,
recite Shakespeare,
sing Opera,
use chopsticks,
Tell good stories,
spit poetry,
pray to rainbows,
grow my greens,
birth my children on the kitchen floor
[by choice],
time my kisses,
send postcards instead of emails,
tell the time by looking at the sun.

I could be interesting
call you on a rainy day just to talk
over the backdrop
of raindrops

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5 thoughts on “..-The Dull Dame’s Guide to being interesting -..

  1. amarllyis says:

    This poem made me smile. I was hoping the end would have been different though.

    • upile says:

      This poem didn’t really end. But then of course it didn’t really begin. I’ll admit it is need of some refining. thanks for the feedback though, I respect that and you’ve made my day.:)

  2. This poem is zany, fun, creative and empowering! I love the heart behind it!

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