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Love in a time of loneliness

I’ve stayed up too long in an unmade bed
thinking of how I encounter you subconciously
you don’t look the same, and my heart has slipped out
the back pocket of your Levi’s.
But the bed is no longer familiar
I can bridge it with my body
and be assured that you won’t
take up any space
with your stingy silhouette
and that hurts me
than the matching
coffee mugs
and how I am an extra set of keys richer.
I love you.
I love you as sure as loneliness is
and things of that nature
dogs of that breed
peas of that pod
trees of that bark.
I love you like you’re out at a game with the boys
or you’re walking the dog
like you’re losing track of time somewhere
I love you like you’re coming back
like you didn’t mean it

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..Waveland Drive

The house of prayer
in the middle of  the chiming city
is filled with kind eyes,
and hugs inhabit its walls.
No man has judged this
Tainted lover
And no woman has called
me out on my shortcomings

I am like no one else
Yet their arms extended
Even to me
The insatiable
The tainted delinquent child
Whose trials with religion
Spun her head into a ponytail of exhaustion

Messages coincide and fall like sudden
Sinners from God’s grasp
I , adolescent wanderer, wonder often
about the pits of darkness
And the Candleholder’s heart
Sitting there,
  he flicks lost souls into the dormant eye of
A flame that’s dancing on the tip of a wick.

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