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A response to ~Thought I’d remind you of my smile~


Smile? No!You reminded me of my love for thee…

No, your words put rain in my eyes,
your shoulder cools off my fire-hands,
this cannot be goodbye
Nor can you discern it from anything,
this is not goodbye
That’s why it doesn’t hurt.

Beyond the things that are forever,
the things that can not be destroyed,
the things that have and will always be,

There lies my love for thee……
Your chocolate skin, your bright smile,
And short hair I prize above all
And you remain cast in my heart.

Beyond the things that are forever,
the things that can not be destroyed,
the things that have and will always be,

There lies my love for thee…..
it outlives time
and is adamantly stamped in my heart,
it thrives,
it echoes that I’m still alive,
a stubborn burning candle it is
It has survived the test of wind
and all other tribulations set for young hearts,
Love, my love for you is much brighter than your smile.

by Lorenzo Nyambo

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Thought I’d remind you of my smile….

There is this weather in your eyes,
your fire-hands run up and down my cheek
this is goodbye if I can discern it from the guavas,
this is goodbye
but it doesn’t hurt.
Midst the things that come and go,
the things that gather and fade,
the things that never were,
there lies a smile……
my black gums, my big teeth, and the one dimple I prize above all dents in my life.

There lies a smile…..
it outlives my sorrows
and is adamantly stamped to my face,
it thrives,
it is a sly reminder that I’m still here,
a stubborn presence across my visage
that has survived you
and all other accidents of my heart,
all other tragedies of my love.


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are you the lining of my grandmother’s dress

or the fabric of my mother’s veil?

are you the brow of my father raised

or the cane that befriended my uncle?

You cross

from generation to generation

and latch yourself onto childbearing hips.

Who will tell my daughter to take those steps

the wombs of those before her couldn’t manage

if you pinch at knees of her dreams?


are you the shoes that mother silenced

with her sewing kit?

Or the shirt my sisters wore better than I do now?

Will you tell my son that crying won’t weaken his bones

or that “sorry”  is a word his tongue can give away?

I stop and ask these questions out of worry

I worry that my daughter’s dress length will be


my son’s muscles will matter more than his tears
are you the chosen adversary of change?

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..Chattels to lay in..

A dark lover in the halcyon night
he smells like hydrangeas
and tastes like cauliflower
he pounces into my rose garden
and dethorns my spine
he is lover in a brown jacket
he is lover wrapped in autumn sun
radiant as tomato
ready as mango

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a string of nothings

1. Your lips are literate in the language of mine.

2. I’m too young for a leash, I’m too free for a cage.

3. I wanna own few and owe none. And live on the edge of something.

4. Love for me is brief.
It is :
– tainted
– double-faced
– sharp-edged.

5. This is not love. This is waking up together at our ugliest and dining out when we look like gods.

6. My love is darkness in orbit. It won’t suffice. It suffocates the stars.

7. I don’t need you to leave for me to know what ‘alone’ feels like.

8. I am not a cloud; you can’t make me out even if you tilt your head. Even if you squint one eye.

9. There is a wildness to you and a nakedness to me that does our secrets no justice.
That gives our minds no ease.

10. You’ll find someone that does more than tolerate you. To them your absence will feel like daggers to skin.
But your smile, your smile will be the abyss they cannot wait to disappear into.

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Breaking is an art
It takes villainous fingers
To master how to accurately drop
….so the pieces
and disperse
like the sons of Adam
run wild and meet the ground
but many grounds far between.
It is a crafter’s trade,
To break
….so well…that
parts become strangers.
calculate angles
use formulae
So nothing is/can ever be unbroken

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Love is a stray dog I warn off with a heavy stick
a black cat that crosses my path too often.

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