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vinnyvintageHalf my poems are about you.
The other half are about what you’ve made me.
I can’t win.

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Once more the day has eaten my lover
and unlatched him from my thigh
driven him from my bed
taunted him with the sun.
I know
the moon will spit him out
and back into my sheets he’ll come
And we’ll be.
But mornings are so beautiful,
I wish he’d stay to watch them with me.

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when it aches.

I am not exempt from love,
or the elements.
I am no stranger to the dark
in a heart,
in a sky,
in a love dying cold.

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He tries
but his words are gasoline by default
only because he is a man
and men are pyromaniacs in suits ,right?
They love to watch things dissipate.
Don’t they?

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when silent.

I don’t understand you or the black cat you’ve dragged in
or the night you’ve absorbed
or the pain you leave at the ends of your fingerprints
or why you sit there in silence hating me with your love

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Trials (1 of 1)-9

This town and the stone with which it was built
And the sun that hit the process
The romantic pueblo that rose
A mother kissed a cheek
And time and wind brought me here
This town of turquoise and solitude
Of peace and dancing dust
I am a stranger still
It is strange still

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We are two different kinds of beasts
You growl to bite
I growl to show you that I too have teeth.

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I didn’t mean to love you so recklessly
and like the tempest
I left in your pupils,
the fire I lit in your palms,
the earthquake of my kiss,
the chill of my shoulder,
I am a calamity

This is goodbye
because you’ve earned
I’ve out-made
each mistake
in love and life alike
you can’t fix me
or us
because you don’t know
how to exist
in isolation or in union
in now or in tomorrow
without being a hero

I don’t need to be saved
or deserve your love,
I may be the damsel
but what you don’t see
is that you’re my distress
You look for perfection
and miss everything that should matter
I can’t stand around
and wait for you to tire of me.

This is goodbye because it has to be
let this candle die out
before it burns the house
send your love elsewhere
and we can leave
with hearts intact
smiles unbroken,
then nothing will be regretted.


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