Monthly Archives: October 2013

When truthful


Do not write me off as empty
because alone
is my peace.
I have chosen myself first
because I suffice.

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On distance

I was intended for you,
what does the ocean matter?

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.For you.

I have all the audacity in this world
see how I love you!
see how I adore your skin!
like you were the earth itself
like you were everything in the sky
and when I am in your arms
I am the bird.
the gleeful bird.

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I am going to love you,
again and again
until it wrecks me
and I will call the wrecking my truth
and I will live in the wreckage
again and again
because quitting you is as dangerous
as loving you.

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Warning shot.

I am the girl you shouldn’t love but still do.
I am the lesson you have yet to learn.

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Camera 360I offer you chippings of my life
because love is risky and loving is reckless
take the shreds.
take the particles.
keep them,
guard them,
one day you’ll have me whole
and girls like me don’t usually belong
to anyone but ourselves.

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