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Photo Art. <3

So today I decided I wanted to do a couple of things with photos. Here you’ll find an example of what free online photoediting can do. Gosh I love the Internet!!:)








And photo effects that I personally love to use are:





Vintage eg: the flower and the last picture.:)


There are some pretty cool features out there that can make a boring picture into something spectacular and I love to

use those resources.


 Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures! :))






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..-Nopalito’s Galeria-..

A local Las Cruces Artist standing beside her work


one of the pieces I fell in love with. by Norma


work by Rosario Jeremias


Nopalito's Galleria- A beautiful little place


Woodwork that stands out.

A beautiful portrait


look at

Today I spent my afternoon around so many wonderful artrists. It was my second Las Cruces exhibition and I must say
it was absolutely amazing. I thought I would share with you a couple of photos of this fantastic little art gallery called
Nopalito’s Galeria in little old Las Cruces New Mexico.

Enjoy! 🙂





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