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Tulip Girl Earrings

Hello folks,
Well it’s almost morning time in Chicago and I thought I’d brighten up your Mondays with a colorful display. So aside from writing I design (not uncommon) and well now I have found a new love for making jewelry. I am the woman with the wild and wide collection of earrings so it was inevitable that I’d take the next crazy step and start to make them myself. And then I thought how could I combine my passions and make this new business venture a reachout initiative, well by donating of course!!

I give you Tulip Girl, my semi-line of handmade earrings that I intend to give half of all the proceeds to a charity in Malawi that deals with helping expectant mothers access clean drinking water, have some of the nutrients required for the growth of their unborn child, gain educational on some child-birthing and infancy and then gain access to Doctors that will deliver their babies safely. In a third world country a high percentage of mothers and babies die during child labor, every child deserves to live and every mother deserves the chance to watch that happen. So please spread the word,this is just a small step but by purchasing one of these pairs of earrings you will help, even if only minimally, in saving a life.

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All earrings cost $14 except the button earrings that are $5 a pair.

Please contact me to make your purchase at :
or call :                         US Number:   +1575-386-2455

 “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 
― John Holmes

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..Dress Me Up Scotty!

Dresses!! Yay!! Summer is around the corner so I thought I’d just share a pic or two of some of my favorites.

 Ladies Summer is around the corner, so I have pulled out my secret stash of dresses. I’m such a girly girl sometimes, I am lost without something pretty in my closet. These are my favorite ones so I gave them a photographic moment. A simple short dress can be dressed  up or down, it is an amazing tool to have folks. I for one will be wearing dresses around the clock this summer unless I find some shorts that complement my figure well enough.:). (By the way if you are sporting a curvaceous physique like mine I must say that stretchy dresses like the gray one are a godsend, they make your rear look divine!! ). 😉
Hope you are having good weeks,
I promise you all I will put up some poetry soon.:)
Love you all,


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A Hint of My Style, “Vintage Vibe”


I designed this dress, I ❤ it.

Vintage Earrings, passed on to me from my Mother.<3


A vintage turquoise ring I recently bought.<3

A vintage Belt..:)

Vintage clucthes , i bought from a flea market. Can you say "Fancy"?.:)

Of Course a necklace with my motto. ❤ it!

Hello there, Today I just felt like sharing a few pics of some of the things I heart. So now you have an idea of what I’m into. I have dubbed this style “Vintage Vibe”, which is my integrating the new and the old in an unbelievably chic way. :).  Happy Tuesday.



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