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If Only I could zzzZzZzzzZZZ (dealing with INSOMNIA)

This whole week I have been going to bed but not going to sleep. It is extremely frustrating when you can’t get a few winks of sleep so I finally had it last night!There I was waking up from hours of ‘laying down’ and heading straight to my PC. “When in doubt, Google it” so I figured “When you can’t sleep ,Google it” and that is exactly what I did. So here is a little about Insomnia from a couple of sites that I will mention later so you too can research this sickness a bit. Well I thought I might as well share what I have learned because I am not alone, these are some practical ways to ensuring you get more sleep but if they don’t work for you it is important that you see a doctor, I for one will be going to an expert if my effort at getting 10 decent winks fails. Hope this helps you.

Insomnia is defined as the inability to get the amount of you sleep you need to feel rested and is not a sleep disorder but usually a symptom of another problem like stress, depression or illness.

The Types of Insomnia:

A. Transient Insomnia: when symptoms last less than a week. Most causes of this type of insomnia are jet lag, shift work, excessive noise and stressful life situations such as exams.

B. Short Term Insomnia: when symptoms last one to three weeks. Most common causes of this type are acute illness, medications that contain caffeine, injury, surgery and major loss.

C. Chronic Insomnia: when symptoms last longer than three weeks. Cases are linked to psychological causes such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, but it can also occur with certain illness such as chronic pain syndromes, chronic fatigue syndrome and obstructive sleep apnoea.

The site suggests that certain changes of lifestyle should be implemented, this might help in seeing you get more rest. Here they are:

  • Keep a regular sleep pattern. Go to bed at the same night and wake up at the same time. (even if you didn’t manage to sleep at all).

  • No naps! This makes it harder for you to sleep at night but if you must make sure it is no longer than 30 minutes and before 3pm.

  • Steer clear of over-stimulation before bedtime. This includes strenuous exercises, watching TV, working on the PC and Video games. It is advised that you avoid electronic stimulation at least an hour before you plan to go to bed.

  • Keep your bedroom well ventilated, dark and quiet: It is a well known fact that noise, temperature and light can interfere with sleep. Ensure that your room is as dark as possible and well ventilated (even in winter). If there is a lot of outside noise, invest in a pair of earplugs.

  • Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol. The stimulant effect in caffeine can make it difficult to sleep so try not to drink them late in the day if you know you are having trouble sleeping. Drinking alcohol at night should be avoided, it interferes with the quality of sleep.

  • Get out of bed when you can’t sleep! Don’t try and force yourself to sleep. Get up and read a book, or have some herbal tea, listen to soothing music, have a warm bath, it helps relax you.

Some other points I have learned:

Take the pressure off of sleeping, if you are having trouble sleeping the thought of bedtime alone can stress you out which actually negatively affects you. You should get up and do something if you can’t sleep this eases your mind and makes you feel more in control of time plus it beats starring at a clock all night.

It is important that you plan a good sleeping environment. From what I have read it is best if you remove electronics from the bedroom area, make the room dark and ensure you are comfortable in your bed. Apparently we spend one third of our lives in bed so it is best that we ensure we can get some sleep. Okay clutter in your room can also stress you out and make it hard for you to go to bed, I suggest cleaning that up and making the room strictly a place to sleep. The sites suggest removing the TV from the bedroom. You have to try and be as relaxed as possible. Also if the insomnia persists it is

I for one am going to try out what I have just learned and maybe I can get some shut-eye tonight. Dreamland here I come, ZzzzzzZZZZzzZZZZzzzZZ all the way!!

Good luck, happy sleeping!!




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A World Without Gaga


Celebrate all things you don’t like about yourself-love yourself. Gaga

 I set out to thrash Gaga today, denouncing my throne as a Gaga-fanatic so I went on Wikipedia. I had my sites set on finding all the dirt to corroborate my latest decision to dump her. In the first place her outrageous new video “Born this way” did not boil with me. I love that she is always showcasing individuality but I mean there are limits, religion for example is a seriously touchy topic and tackling it like football players tackle each other is just brutal! The horns in her cheeks are also a bit over-the-top and not in a Coco Chanel extravagant way more in a Gaga-needs-a-timeout sort of way. I can except her bisexuality or the fact that she doesn’t wear pants but in my mind she has gone way past my STOP sign and crossed the yellow-tape with that music video. I must admit the lightbulb first turned on in my head when in one of her music videos (Alejandro) she attempted to swallow a rosary. That set off little sparks but “Born this way” oiled the fire so I planned to end this love-hate saga and dump my Lady Gaga (I couldn’t help but RHYME).The Google Goddess was at work but this time it was an angry mission, I was determined to rid myself of all connections to Gaga and I thought I was going to say my final “Ra RA Ooola La”. But then I read a story, her story. Like my all-time favorite Disney Princess ,Pocahontas, said “You’ll learn things you’ve never known you’ve never known” and I did. Her story is a story a little less sparkly than her loud outfits, it was the story of a girl with a dream in the Big Apple. Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Lady Gaga began playing the piano at the age of four, she has practically wrote songs all her life. She dropped out of University to pursue a music career and with difficulty she managed to make it. I found out that she is philanthropist and an advocate, that this working girl has a big heart to go with her grande talent! And then I imagined a Gaga-less world, where red carpet events wouldn’t be as exciting or leave you by the TV wondering “What’s going to Gaga wear?”, where ‘Glee’ wouldn’t have that special episode where Rachel reconnected with her mother via the songs of our beloved Europop sensation. It was a sad world, though imaginary, a world with less flair and many out of work dramatically creative designers .I’m not saying that I don’t find her exhibition of “religious art” highly offensive. Music is a spectacular thing and Gaga may go a bit overboard but there are some things that can’t be stopped and whether I agree with her music all the time or not there are songs of hers that will always be my ultimate feel-good songs (Just Dance!). Like a boomerang she just keeps coming back to my heart. You don’t have to love all of the songs by an artist, lets face it some of our favorite musicians have made songs in the past that cannot for-the-love-of-Grey’s Anatomy grow on us, in that way I may never like “Born this way” but there won’t be stopping my feet from tapping to “Paparazzi” or my body from imitating her dance moves in “Bad Romance”. I decree that once you’ve been BeGagaed there is no turning back!

BTW: Gaga just took Oprah’s slice of the Forbes Cake by topping the annual chart of the most powerful celebrities.

Lady Gaga topples Oprah Winfrey from her No.1 spot on our list, which she’s given up for only the third time in seven years. Gaga is there not just because of the $90 million she earned with a monster tour, but also because of her 32 million Facebook fans and 10 million Twitter followers–aka Little Monsters–who helped move 1 million digital downloads of her recent single “Born This Way” in only five days. They’re also happy to buy the MAC makeup, Monster headphones and Virgin Mobile phones she features in her videos.Forbes

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