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..The ducks

There is no symbolism here,
This is not poetry
It won’t make you feel
It is a picture

It won’t conversate with you or
call you out on your mistakes
it can only stare

There is nothing between these lines
There is no artistry here
This is a picture
It won’t rob you of anything.

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Times are finally changing, ode to the 2nd female president in Africa!!My President!

Today the second female president in Africa was sworn into my power and I am more than proud to say that she is the president of my country(MALAWI). With the unfortunate death (as all deaths are unfortunate) of our previous president Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika our government decided to peacefully transition Joyce Banda to the seat of president. There has been tension between the previous president and our former VP Joyce Banda that resulted in her being removed from the ruling party (DPP). So a peaceful transition was not at all expected, but Malawi has shown once more why it is called the Warm Heart of Africa by showing its respect for the constitution and the wants of its people. I could not be any happier, what a pleasant gift to welcome me back to Cruces after a busy busy week in NY. Well folks, I hope you celebrate with my country and I as we have been handed back our democracy, there is a lot our new president has to do. But we pray she has the backing of a helpful cabinet to ease her way into her rightful seat.

~One step for women, a giant leap for mankind!!~

Happy Easter!!

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The Reintroduction : Five Things that define me.

Hello all,
I realized that it has been a while since I began this blog and I have decided that I should reintroduce myself for the sake of all of us,(myself very much included).:)

There are five main things that I should say define me and my beliefs, my interests and my goals.

  •  Family and Frienship. In my opinion these two are the greatest things we have going for us in this day and age. Gosh we’ve all contemplated choking this group of individuals but that doesn’t change the fact that there is no one else we’d rather call in the middle of the night when hell breaks loose and has us cornered. For me love stands way up in the rankings, it is of course how we get by.
  • Spirituality. I can’t stress this enough, I have never been able to picture there not being a force that set us all on this Earth, each for a purpose, each with a part to play. And that this force is omnipresent , forever working in our lives. I believe in God and Jesus, Fate and Karma. Believing in those three things doesn’t not by any means give me the right to judge the beliefs of another. We are all titled to our beliefs and opinions that my dears is part and parcel of free will.
  • Culture and Travel. I am a girl from a small country on a big continent known widely as an impoverished place. Poverty is real but poverty is everywhere and it can’t alone define a place. I am African and on a mission to make it known for all the great things it is. I love to see the world, it is refreshing to see that the world from so many different places. See we may have been placed at a certain spot on the globe at birth but there is no rule saying that we must have to remain there. I love to travel!!
  • Art. Art is sharing yourself, your ideas, your story, your love and your hurt. Art is freeing one’s self and I say we should embrace the ability to share the talents we have with everyone. Poetry, music, photography, design, those are some loves of mine that I can’t imagine life without. So in understanding me and what gives me the perfect balance of sane and insane then you must note that I am nothing without my art.
  • No hate. We are all equal no buts, no exceptions. We are all equal beings skin color,gender, ethnicity,religion, sexual orientation. I am against hating someone because of some attribute they were born with, created with. The answer to unity is NO HATE. Hate creates boundaries and walls and ruins chances of us ever syncing.

I am a compilation of these philosophies. And again I state I am Upile Chisala the poet,and I’d love to meet you.:)
Happy Sunday all!

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~To My Brother/Bestfriend~Happy Bday!

My Brother and I


We’ve grown up a perfect pair, two peas in a pod.
We get each other completely
And we’ve got each other forever
The perfect sister-brother team
I miss you and your loud dancehall music
I miss: The way you call me Beavis and I call you Butthead ♥.
The way you drive me crazy one second
and make me laugh until I cry the next.:)
The way you randomly tell me that you love me
and hug me when I least expect it.
The way you daily teach me so many things.
Just the way you are You. I miss it all.

20 years is no joke, its a milestone! Its the beginning of an adventure.!! Gome no one is like you. no one compares to you. I love you Big Brother!! ♥

God blessed me with such an amazing brother, this post is just for him. Oh how I love this one human madly.:)

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~ I Dreamt about Noah~

You may find this crazy,
but I dreamt about Noah
Say!, don’t dreams mean a thing or two?
Like palm-reading or looking into a crystal ball,
Telling destinies from a deck of cards
Say!, don’t dreams mean a darn thing, a good thing
, a true thing?
So I’m telling you that I dreamt about Noah
calling me Mommy, walking out, holding my hand
like he lived. like he existed already.
His smile was mine and our laughs alike
A compatible pair.
I loved him powerfully.
My world had shrank, it was  but
this little boy, this little life.
I dreamt about Noah.

By Upile Chisala.

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..Portable Happiness..

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I’m teaching myself that little things matter. That I can acquire happiness from simplicity as much as or even more than from big things. I was at the Ren Fair a weekend ago and I took a few pictures. There were so many beautiful things, I was taken aback by the creativity and pure utter artistic genius of some individuals. It made me think, if they can create beauty from ruins then I can create my very own happiness wherever I go. So here is to Portable  Happiness! Enjoy the pictures!!

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~ Happy Feet~


“But I love your feet
only because they walked
upon the earth and upon
the wind and upon the waters,
until they found me.”
— Pablo Neruda

Hurray to Friendship, love, relationships, just to the power of two souls meeting ! 
To laughter,
to holding hands,
to knowing someone even a quarter as much as you know yourself,
to warm hugs and salty tears.
To long conversations.
To shared dreams and reaching them.
To belief in ourselves, each other and something bigger.
To making wishes on shooting stars and keeping each other strong
when they don’t come true.
To arms that catch you when you fall and the hilarious inside jokes.
To telling secrets and making promises.
To knowing you are not alone.
The simple sensation of being smiled at. 
What would we be without each other?
People make people people.
Our ability to think, to hate, to dream, to love
sets us apart.
Embrace it.

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~ A Simple Confession~

Soy yo, en fragmentos
yo en pedazos,
yo en partes
y algunos dias no soy yo para nada

(I am me in fragments, me in pieces, me in parts. And some days I am not me at all.)

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~Somebody asked me Why~

Somebody once asked me “Why do you write?”. Not the world-famous “When did you begin to write?” or “Who Inspired you?”. But this person walked up to me and asked me why I write. And they were dead serious, their eyes filled with determination. And I answered that question like the natural dreamer I am.

“I had something to say, so I opened my heart.I wanted to know how to say it so I put a pen in my hand and it all flowed out, knotted, tangled, twists of sense and reason and right.And my world, the one I see through these eyes alone was shared and scattered on paper.And I was  unraveled, unwoven.” Upile Chisala.

Just thought I would put this up for all the writers who have ever doubted themselves. Don’t. Life will hand you so many difficult situations where your dreams and your ambitions are taken to task. But you musn’t worry, you musn’t turn your backs on what you believe in. What you were given freely, your talent. If you have something your heart has always hungered for then don’t be afraid to take a risk for your fulfilment . Writing came to me, I never asked for it but there it was on my lap starring at me. Abraham Lincoln once said “Whatever you are be a good one”. God gave me the gift of writing so I intend on being a good writer. Whatever it is you are be a good one.

Happy Sunday everyone!!


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