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I didn’t mean to love you so recklessly
and like the tempest
I left in your pupils,
the fire I lit in your palms,
the earthquake of my kiss,
the chill of my shoulder,
I am a calamity

This is goodbye
because you’ve earned
I’ve out-made
each mistake
in love and life alike
you can’t fix me
or us
because you don’t know
how to exist
in isolation or in union
in now or in tomorrow
without being a hero

I don’t need to be saved
or deserve your love,
I may be the damsel
but what you don’t see
is that you’re my distress
You look for perfection
and miss everything that should matter
I can’t stand around
and wait for you to tire of me.

This is goodbye because it has to be
let this candle die out
before it burns the house
send your love elsewhere
and we can leave
with hearts intact
smiles unbroken,
then nothing will be regretted.


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Thought I’d remind you of my smile….

There is this weather in your eyes,
your fire-hands run up and down my cheek
this is goodbye if I can discern it from the guavas,
this is goodbye
but it doesn’t hurt.
Midst the things that come and go,
the things that gather and fade,
the things that never were,
there lies a smile……
my black gums, my big teeth, and the one dimple I prize above all dents in my life.

There lies a smile…..
it outlives my sorrows
and is adamantly stamped to my face,
it thrives,
it is a sly reminder that I’m still here,
a stubborn presence across my visage
that has survived you
and all other accidents of my heart,
all other tragedies of my love.


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Forest Park

I run out of love for you
restless in our ending…
this should have been us
ringed fingers
making vows
this should have been us
but we both run,
we both run so far that
love can’t catch us
that it doesn’t need us anymore
The lemon juice sweetened
still tastes like citrus bittered
it doesn’t make me miss you
or being where we sat still
in my veil, your vest
with eyes starring
with clocks ticking
with the cake uncut
and speeches figetting in breast pockets
could we promise to fight for
time and a shared mailbox
a bed with both hearts beating
side by side?
like the L to Forest Park
we sped away.
and I ..
without restaint..

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