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Love is :
the sweetest of surrenders
and the most common offender.
Be wary of it.

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You were the first thing outside of myself
that I looked at and felt connected to
Do you understand this?

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..When distant

I think I miss you,
all of you
then I remember all the yous you’ve been to me lately
and none of them are worth yearning for.

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Trials (1 of 1)-9

This town and the stone with which it was built
And the sun that hit the process
The romantic pueblo that rose
A mother kissed a cheek
And time and wind brought me here
This town of turquoise and solitude
Of peace and dancing dust
I am a stranger still
It is strange still

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I didn’t mean to love you so recklessly
and like the tempest
I left in your pupils,
the fire I lit in your palms,
the earthquake of my kiss,
the chill of my shoulder,
I am a calamity

This is goodbye
because you’ve earned
I’ve out-made
each mistake
in love and life alike
you can’t fix me
or us
because you don’t know
how to exist
in isolation or in union
in now or in tomorrow
without being a hero

I don’t need to be saved
or deserve your love,
I may be the damsel
but what you don’t see
is that you’re my distress
You look for perfection
and miss everything that should matter
I can’t stand around
and wait for you to tire of me.

This is goodbye because it has to be
let this candle die out
before it burns the house
send your love elsewhere
and we can leave
with hearts intact
smiles unbroken,
then nothing will be regretted.


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The bruises have a way of accenting her collarbones
so you can make out by the sight of them
that the city is her only home.
They frolic this city with maps,
Her mind has sewn the streets together
she knows her way around.

The craters of her pockets, the pockets of her bras
are filled.
She takes to food her plate
To clothe her back
To roof her head.
With this she survives the city. And its spectators.

Men love her.
They say they’ve never seen bone and flesh
so beautifully entwined.
But she doesn’t believe them.
she lets them love her in vain.
Then, without prior warning,
Weans them of her body
Starves them of her skin
Robs them of her stagnant conversation.

She forgets them.
And blue skies make way for dark ones.

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Some days it snows somewhere..


I told myself that I would do away with writing silly love poems
 for boys who aren’t yet men,
I am writing more poems about you than necessary,
they are naked apologies
and granulated confessions
and all the grime and grit I let in.
these poems have slithered their way into the ink
of my pens
not even a nicely placed comma
can change me
not even a neatly dressed apology
can make me all that you’ve been looking for you
all you’re ready to love
You are a bad habit and I am a bad addict
We’re all kinds of wrong for each other
We are ash at the end of a cigarette
Not made to last
Made for the bottom of a shoe
Seconds fleeting
time slips under my thigh
the parasitic nature of first love
has me know that you’ll never leave the ink of my
you’ll never leave the brim of my lips
and when you’re finally a man and you’ve learnt
to love back
my pens, my ink, my keys
and my lips will still write of that boy
that boy who tainted my poetry.

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Conversations…..you’re cold like the ocean


Me: Come over and make me smile

You: I actually would…if only that ocean was not keeping us apart

Me: I don’t like oceans anymore

You: But they are so beautiful…you have at least that in common with them

Me: You’re cold like the ocean

You: At least some fear me and some may find me majestic

Me: But I don’t mind your waves, I want to be swept away by you

You: But I will crush into you. Are you aware?

Me: I know… I’m not afraid of you.

You: Then let me cover you and pull you into my embraces

Me: I don’t mind your cold, or the dangerous things within you. I don’t hope to be on the shore, I’d rather be right in your waves.

You: I’ll make sure to offer a safe harbor but only after you’ve witnessed a storm

Me: I won’t look out for lighthouses or land or safety boats , I love that you’re an ocean

You: An ocean it is..for you.. anything

Me: For you… everything

You: And I will keep your head up, higher than the water level

Me: I know you’d like to keep me afloat but I don’t mind being immersed in you.

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I breathe with you in mind

DSCN1347Your single-sentenced replies resonate in my being
like they were stanzas Pablo Neruda spat out,
they do to me what hot toast does to butter.
I wish you were easier to love, and harder to miss
when you’re here you have a way of reminding me that you’re not
and when you’re not you have a way of reminding me that you are.
You whisper my name and it feels like lace gloves
and warm baths.
And when you stare,you stare with your heart.
When you stare I am no good for reality
nor apologies
because the inaudible flinch of my insides when I see
you look at me with your muscular walls is
worth more and more
and less and less.
And more.
Loving you is first nature to my bones
Ahead of dancing,  or wearing my flesh-coat.
and I cannot say if you’ll ever love me as justly.
I do not know.

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A response to ~Thought I’d remind you of my smile~


Smile? No!You reminded me of my love for thee…

No, your words put rain in my eyes,
your shoulder cools off my fire-hands,
this cannot be goodbye
Nor can you discern it from anything,
this is not goodbye
That’s why it doesn’t hurt.

Beyond the things that are forever,
the things that can not be destroyed,
the things that have and will always be,

There lies my love for thee……
Your chocolate skin, your bright smile,
And short hair I prize above all
And you remain cast in my heart.

Beyond the things that are forever,
the things that can not be destroyed,
the things that have and will always be,

There lies my love for thee…..
it outlives time
and is adamantly stamped in my heart,
it thrives,
it echoes that I’m still alive,
a stubborn burning candle it is
It has survived the test of wind
and all other tribulations set for young hearts,
Love, my love for you is much brighter than your smile.

by Lorenzo Nyambo

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