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When truthful


Do not write me off as empty
because alone
is my peace.
I have chosen myself first
because I suffice.

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.For you.

I have all the audacity in this world
see how I love you!
see how I adore your skin!
like you were the earth itself
like you were everything in the sky
and when I am in your arms
I am the bird.
the gleeful bird.

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Camera 360I offer you chippings of my life
because love is risky and loving is reckless
take the shreds.
take the particles.
keep them,
guard them,
one day you’ll have me whole
and girls like me don’t usually belong
to anyone but ourselves.

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I have been many women for you

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Telephone wires

Does your here-ness
cancel out all of your there-nesses?
Does your love signify the end of my loneliness
or its transformation?

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It’s okay if I’m not what you need
or want
or can handle
but let me know
so I can find he
who has been praying
for me to come along.

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when it aches.

I am not exempt from love,
or the elements.
I am no stranger to the dark
in a heart,
in a sky,
in a love dying cold.

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when silent.

I don’t understand you or the black cat you’ve dragged in
or the night you’ve absorbed
or the pain you leave at the ends of your fingerprints
or why you sit there in silence hating me with your love

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The bruises have a way of accenting her collarbones
so you can make out by the sight of them
that the city is her only home.
They frolic this city with maps,
Her mind has sewn the streets together
she knows her way around.

The craters of her pockets, the pockets of her bras
are filled.
She takes to food her plate
To clothe her back
To roof her head.
With this she survives the city. And its spectators.

Men love her.
They say they’ve never seen bone and flesh
so beautifully entwined.
But she doesn’t believe them.
she lets them love her in vain.
Then, without prior warning,
Weans them of her body
Starves them of her skin
Robs them of her stagnant conversation.

She forgets them.
And blue skies make way for dark ones.

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Thought I’d remind you of my smile….

There is this weather in your eyes,
your fire-hands run up and down my cheek
this is goodbye if I can discern it from the guavas,
this is goodbye
but it doesn’t hurt.
Midst the things that come and go,
the things that gather and fade,
the things that never were,
there lies a smile……
my black gums, my big teeth, and the one dimple I prize above all dents in my life.

There lies a smile…..
it outlives my sorrows
and is adamantly stamped to my face,
it thrives,
it is a sly reminder that I’m still here,
a stubborn presence across my visage
that has survived you
and all other accidents of my heart,
all other tragedies of my love.


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