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I write you poems because God spoke the universe into existence,
So don’t ever let me hear you say that words are just words.
That words don’t leave a mark, make a change, create
where once was nothing.

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what it should be

Kiss me with your entire life,
Anything less than that and it can’t be love.

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You were the first thing outside of myself
that I looked at and felt connected to
Do you understand this?

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.For you.

I have all the audacity in this world
see how I love you!
see how I adore your skin!
like you were the earth itself
like you were everything in the sky
and when I am in your arms
I am the bird.
the gleeful bird.

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..When distant

I think I miss you,
all of you
then I remember all the yous you’ve been to me lately
and none of them are worth yearning for.

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Conversations…..you’re cold like the ocean


Me: Come over and make me smile

You: I actually would…if only that ocean was not keeping us apart

Me: I don’t like oceans anymore

You: But they are so beautiful…you have at least that in common with them

Me: You’re cold like the ocean

You: At least some fear me and some may find me majestic

Me: But I don’t mind your waves, I want to be swept away by you

You: But I will crush into you. Are you aware?

Me: I know… I’m not afraid of you.

You: Then let me cover you and pull you into my embraces

Me: I don’t mind your cold, or the dangerous things within you. I don’t hope to be on the shore, I’d rather be right in your waves.

You: I’ll make sure to offer a safe harbor but only after you’ve witnessed a storm

Me: I won’t look out for lighthouses or land or safety boats , I love that you’re an ocean

You: An ocean it is..for you.. anything

Me: For you… everything

You: And I will keep your head up, higher than the water level

Me: I know you’d like to keep me afloat but I don’t mind being immersed in you.

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Love in a time of loneliness

I’ve stayed up too long in an unmade bed
thinking of how I encounter you subconciously
you don’t look the same, and my heart has slipped out
the back pocket of your Levi’s.
But the bed is no longer familiar
I can bridge it with my body
and be assured that you won’t
take up any space
with your stingy silhouette
and that hurts me
than the matching
coffee mugs
and how I am an extra set of keys richer.
I love you.
I love you as sure as loneliness is
and things of that nature
dogs of that breed
peas of that pod
trees of that bark.
I love you like you’re out at a game with the boys
or you’re walking the dog
like you’re losing track of time somewhere
I love you like you’re coming back
like you didn’t mean it

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I’d do a thousand things,
bury my head into a thousand burrows
before I could forget how magic
your name feels on my tongue.
say we apologize and revive this
last nothingness
Would our love beam back to
when poetry meant revolution
and a mark by fire wasn’t a burn but
an ignition?

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Three of us, Two of them, One of Me -Triangle

One bitter bread, one grass root sweet
One set to rise, one set to cheat
One open heart, one cold shoulder
One a puzzle piece, one orgami
One elegant, one eloquent
One nice to have around, one essential
One a kiss with tongue, one my hand in theirs
One carries heart, one drags it by
One a picnic, one a nightcap
One silver spooned mouth, one working hands
One brick wall, one seat of comfort
One right for me,
One wrong for me perfectly
but right for me helplessly.

I consider you a friend, but
I consider him a feeling.

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All I ask

I’d like for you to empty me
onto a celestial beam of light
& unearth me from the bottom
of a wicker culture basket,
spread me out like delicate bracelet beads
and account for me one and all
with your lips
Am I all here?

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