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The Process


The snow & I

Don’t ask me to stay the same,
Ask me to stay and I will try to always love you the same,
But even that I can’t promise.

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When truthful


Do not write me off as empty
because alone
is my peace.
I have chosen myself first
because I suffice.

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vinnyvintageHalf my poems are about you.
The other half are about what you’ve made me.
I can’t win.

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Some days it snows somewhere..


I told myself that I would do away with writing silly love poems
 for boys who aren’t yet men,
I am writing more poems about you than necessary,
they are naked apologies
and granulated confessions
and all the grime and grit I let in.
these poems have slithered their way into the ink
of my pens
not even a nicely placed comma
can change me
not even a neatly dressed apology
can make me all that you’ve been looking for you
all you’re ready to love
You are a bad habit and I am a bad addict
We’re all kinds of wrong for each other
We are ash at the end of a cigarette
Not made to last
Made for the bottom of a shoe
Seconds fleeting
time slips under my thigh
the parasitic nature of first love
has me know that you’ll never leave the ink of my
you’ll never leave the brim of my lips
and when you’re finally a man and you’ve learnt
to love back
my pens, my ink, my keys
and my lips will still write of that boy
that boy who tainted my poetry.

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I breathe with you in mind

DSCN1347Your single-sentenced replies resonate in my being
like they were stanzas Pablo Neruda spat out,
they do to me what hot toast does to butter.
I wish you were easier to love, and harder to miss
when you’re here you have a way of reminding me that you’re not
and when you’re not you have a way of reminding me that you are.
You whisper my name and it feels like lace gloves
and warm baths.
And when you stare,you stare with your heart.
When you stare I am no good for reality
nor apologies
because the inaudible flinch of my insides when I see
you look at me with your muscular walls is
worth more and more
and less and less.
And more.
Loving you is first nature to my bones
Ahead of dancing,  or wearing my flesh-coat.
and I cannot say if you’ll ever love me as justly.
I do not know.

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The Tales of a Woman and Her Body

“It is radically ignorant to place the rights and the entitlement to my body in the hands of someone else. My mother did not give birth to a sofa,she birthed a person who can and will exist in a world in which she isn’t treated like property; in which she is valued, in which she matters. I pray that every girl is allowed to be a person, and that no one person is ever considered inferior.” Upile Chisala

Have a wonderful day!

My sister took this picture: http://www.soleilart365.wordpress.com ,

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Diente De Lion

History spun bones and asphalt
star residue and holywater
old drench coats and tennis shoes
neon signs and elbow grease
music and soft poetry
to make me.
I like to imagine it took gristle
bone and sweat
and  heavy breathing
to sink the sunshine into my
align the clovers in my mouth
so whatever oozed out of me
whatever seeped out
reflected time’s madness.

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Seeing Chicago

This a lovely slideshow of how much I’ve seen so far.  The magical Buckingham fountain,Ribfest, The Shedd Aquarium, first time I saw a Kangaroo and much more. This city oozes beauty, there is plenty more to see. Wish me luck.Chicago Love.

Lots of love.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Three of us, Two of them, One of Me -Triangle

One bitter bread, one grass root sweet
One set to rise, one set to cheat
One open heart, one cold shoulder
One a puzzle piece, one orgami
One elegant, one eloquent
One nice to have around, one essential
One a kiss with tongue, one my hand in theirs
One carries heart, one drags it by
One a picnic, one a nightcap
One silver spooned mouth, one working hands
One brick wall, one seat of comfort
One right for me,
One wrong for me perfectly
but right for me helplessly.

I consider you a friend, but
I consider him a feeling.

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California As Seen by Upile

Hey Guys,
I’m sorry for being so silent. I am in California visiting a friend hence there hasn’t been much time for internet and the like. But the good news is I missed you and I will upload a little teaser of the pictures that are to come. 🙂

The University of California at Riverside campus is very green and it has plants from all over the world. I saw so many trees and flowers there that I had in my yard in Malawi growing up. It made me miss home so badly. I picked up their leaves and smelled them and I was immediately back home playing in my yard. It was an amazing feeling.


More pictures to follow. Hold on tight. :).
Happy Saturday lovelies!!

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