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Love is :
the sweetest of surrenders
and the most common offender.
Be wary of it.

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I too

I wonder if
maybe I like listening to lies
and that makes me a liar by association
because every time your lips open
teeth part
and meet
and part and meet
leaving room for untruths
to be spat out
I look at you delicately
almost proud of how good you’re getting
at making me want to believe you.

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On distance

I was intended for you,
what does the ocean matter?

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I am going to love you,
again and again
until it wrecks me
and I will call the wrecking my truth
and I will live in the wreckage
again and again
because quitting you is as dangerous
as loving you.

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Telephone wires

Does your here-ness
cancel out all of your there-nesses?
Does your love signify the end of my loneliness
or its transformation?

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Once more the day has eaten my lover
and unlatched him from my thigh
driven him from my bed
taunted him with the sun.
I know
the moon will spit him out
and back into my sheets he’ll come
And we’ll be.
But mornings are so beautiful,
I wish he’d stay to watch them with me.

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when silent.

I don’t understand you or the black cat you’ve dragged in
or the night you’ve absorbed
or the pain you leave at the ends of your fingerprints
or why you sit there in silence hating me with your love

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We are two different kinds of beasts
You growl to bite
I growl to show you that I too have teeth.

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When he couldn’t love me
I crazed over his lips
and imagined how they’d feel against mine
I stole the honesty of a dream
and envisioned his arms consuming my frame.
I cried like my body was a cloud of fire
when the solitude showed me its skin.
This was my darkest point,
I lived,
And love was funny again.

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..Chattels to lay in..

A dark lover in the halcyon night
he smells like hydrangeas
and tastes like cauliflower
he pounces into my rose garden
and dethorns my spine
he is lover in a brown jacket
he is lover wrapped in autumn sun
radiant as tomato
ready as mango

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