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When truthful


Do not write me off as empty
because alone
is my peace.
I have chosen myself first
because I suffice.

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..Dress Me Up Scotty!

Dresses!! Yay!! Summer is around the corner so I thought I’d just share a pic or two of some of my favorites.

 Ladies Summer is around the corner, so I have pulled out my secret stash of dresses. I’m such a girly girl sometimes, I am lost without something pretty in my closet. These are my favorite ones so I gave them a photographic moment. A simple short dress can be dressed  up or down, it is an amazing tool to have folks. I for one will be wearing dresses around the clock this summer unless I find some shorts that complement my figure well enough.:). (By the way if you are sporting a curvaceous physique like mine I must say that stretchy dresses like the gray one are a godsend, they make your rear look divine!! ). 😉
Hope you are having good weeks,
I promise you all I will put up some poetry soon.:)
Love you all,


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A Hint of My Style, “Vintage Vibe”


I designed this dress, I ❤ it.

Vintage Earrings, passed on to me from my Mother.<3


A vintage turquoise ring I recently bought.<3

A vintage Belt..:)

Vintage clucthes , i bought from a flea market. Can you say "Fancy"?.:)

Of Course a necklace with my motto. ❤ it!

Hello there, Today I just felt like sharing a few pics of some of the things I heart. So now you have an idea of what I’m into. I have dubbed this style “Vintage Vibe”, which is my integrating the new and the old in an unbelievably chic way. :).  Happy Tuesday.



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